The Butterfly Effect

Blue Morphos Butterfly. Pili Palas, Anglesey. Picture: Darren N.

If a Butterfly flaps it’s wings on one side of the planet it will cause a hurricane on the other side of the World! Cause and effect, or as it’s known the ripple effect. I find the same principle on an emotional level. If I scowl at someone the repercussions from the Butterfly effect could be terrible somewhere along the line just as a smile may produce wonderful effects somewhere down the line.

When I receive feedback and reviews its’s the same effect. I have to say, bar one comment, it has all been positive and thoughtful, bringing me personally, and thus those around me, a warmth and excitement towards life! The fact that I too can share pleasure and joy through my work is an extremely humbling experience that I will forever be grateful for. To know just one simple image can cause such a beautiful Butterfly effect is the main reason I do what I do!

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