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When Life gives you Lemons…Paint them!

When Life gives you Lemons…(the title for my latest work) why not paint them! In these unusual and unsure coronavirus times life seems to throw curve balls at an incredible and completely unpredictable speed. It sometimes seems like one problem after another to be surmounted. But then that’s what we do, we adapt. we look at the lemons and decide to make lemonade.

Someone once told me, “Treat every problem as a challenge as every problem has an answer.” And they do. Sometimes the answer is simply there is no answer at the moment! But every cloud does have a silver lining, there is always a positive to be found. Even when we don’t want to find it. Just for today, when life gives me lemons, I’ll damn well paint them!

2 thoughts on “When Life gives you Lemons…Paint them!

  1. Hi Karen. Not sure if the original message got to you as I had not approved it (?). In case not happy to sell the painting to you for £145.00 instead of £245.00 as Darren had a lot of positive things to say about you and at the end of the day as sale is a sale! Darren says hi back and to thank you for all your support. Abby x

  2. Hi Karen. It’s Darren here. How the hell are you 😁
    Abby says because of who you are (my ex counsellor 🤪) she would sell it for £145 instead of £245 plus a free print of your choice and free delivery or collect if you wanted to.
    Amazing to hear you’re still alive 🤣