A scent of Spring

Today has been a most beautiful day. A day of soft hazy blue with a bright warm yellow sun encompassed within it. A day that literally felt like spring. The warmth, the birds singing as though they know the long, dark winter’s end is near and the scent. A scent known only to Spring.

It has brought to mind Spring cleaning. At least in the sense of bringing a new freshness, decluttering that which may have become mundane. A feeling of new growth. Of new life. A breath of fresh air after a lockdown of stagnation.

So I’ve redesigned my website giving it a cleaner, fresher look and, I hope, a touch more professional. As we have moved into the light of the new season I have felt the need to explore the beauty within the bonding and love of a mother and young together with a bright, fresh abstract approach as can be seen in my latest commission.

I’m looking forward to the journey into Spring and in to the bonds between Nature and Nurture. I hope you will enjoy what I have to share with you.

Abby x

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