This too, shall pass…

It seems such a horrid time at present. I could complain about the weather being cold and damp but then there is so much more to be concerned about and so much empathy that needs directing elsewhere. You would think, by now, that we would have learnt the futility of waging war. The destruction, the pain, the sorrow. No individual is immune from the consequences in a war zone. There is no distinction between combatant and civillian. There is only death and destruction. Pain and suffering.

That is why I look to imbue my art with colour and light. I hope to remind myself, and others, that there is still much beauty in the world. It is there, right in front of us, we only have to look to see. They fear love for they cannot control love. When I feel dispondent, helpless and angry that I alone don’t seem to be able to make a difference I look to remember that my part is to share that hope, that light, to provide colour and alernative mind sets into what will otherwise be a depressing and dark newsfeed that we see on a daily basis.

Today, I will try to share love, I will paint sunflowers, the national flower of Urkaine. I will pray for an end to the pain and suffering. I will play whatever small part I can in bringing light, colour and beauty to what seems, yet again, another dark chapter in our existence. I have to believe that this too, shall pass.

Любов, світло і мир Україні.

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