Art? As an investment?

There is always a lot of excitement generated in the fine art market and 2022 was no different with an auction of the painting, Shot Sage Blue Marylin by Andy Warhol, selling for a record breaking $195 million

Now of course I don’t for one moment put my art at the level of the blue chip artists (Piccasso, Basquiat etc) but I can show that my art has increased quite considerably in price over the last 2 years. It originally sold for around £250 a piece and now sell at up to £1350. A 440% increase in that short timeframe. And of course, as I continue to increase my name recognition through gallery representation it can only increase in value.

In the 2022 annual report by Art Basel & UBS Global Art estimates worldwide art sales surpassed $65.1 billion in 2021. An increase of 29% from the previous year. So there is certainly a lot of transactions in art estimated in the range of 36.7 million transactions in 2021.

Any form of investment usually carries some risk with market risk based on an undiversified stock market. However, and here is the really good news, artwork is not connected with any stock index. It is completely separate from traditional asset movements. Also art does not depreciate, if anything art only gains in price from it’s first commission. On top of this art is not a list of numbers to stare blankly at through a monitor. It is an asset you can enjoy whilst it is held in your portfolio.

There are many artists looking to gain that break in the blue chip world and up-and-coming- artists like myself produce the highest quality artwork for a fraction of the price of blue chip art, but only due to lack of name recognition which can change at any time!

So if you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing way of investing for the future then please visit my website www.abbybrowne.art or contact me regarding commissions.

Abby xx

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