About the Artist

“Thank you for visiting my website. I am an artist based in beautiful North Wales which provides me with a place of tranquility and serenity for focusing on my artwork. I live with my partner, three children and two cats with the odd squirrel thrown into the mix for chaos’s sake! I have been painting since a young child, preferring to create than connect with my peers. Something I was to realise in later life stemmed from my being on the Autistic spectrum.”

“My love of, and for, art lead me to study at art college in 2000 and later to a Fine Art Degree at Derby University. Both courses served the purpose of broadening my knowledge of the arts. I have been inspired by many artists over the years including Frances Bacon, Monet, Vangogh, Frida Kahlo and Cy Twombly to name but a few.”

“My paintings are said to be “passionate”, “romantic”, “atmospheric”, “dark and mysterious”. My hope is that the viewer takes something positive away from viewing my paintings whilst also allowing a subjective experience in regard to the work. I would dearly hope the viewer will connect with the emotion I attempt to portray in a piece and thus to feel a part of that painting. If I can achieve this, then I believe the painting has served its purpose.”

“Stepping in front of a blank canvas leads to a sense of a creative energy arising within me, excitement and wonder of what the outcome will be. I feel disconnected and immersed in what begins to emerge. I feel the need to push myself every time I paint, to extend out of my comfort zone. To face the fear. I interpret what I see and merge myself into the essence of creating. Intuitively, I feel it! It’s a moment, an energy. Playing with lightness and darkness. Drawn into the depths dark entails then out into the warmth of the light. Merging both, separate but one.”

“Art is a never ending discovery and I seem drawn to perceiving the beauty in our world, beauty we can too often miss contending with our busy lives…a smile, a flower…then sharing it with others. I use art to express my emotions. Art is beauty of freedom. Free expression of human mind and senses. I would hope my art inspires people, touches their souls and brings as much joy and connectedness to them as as I do whilst creating the piece.”

“I create emotional interpretations of art from themes and experiences of my life. I have always known I have difficulty expressing my emotions verbally and much prefer to express them on canvas. I was diagnosed with Autism (Aspergers) late in life. Being autistic, I believe, has gifted me with my artistic abilities as I seem able to focus on attention to detail and observe patterns in life everywhere I look.”

“Most of my adult years have been lost in addiction to alcohol. I used alcohol as a tool, in an attempt to fix me, to fit in with others, as I felt so different, and suffered from extreme social anxiety. My work, at times, will show a darkness due to the despair I felt within this illness. In February 2020 I went into a rehab for my addiction which changed my whole outlook on life through a 12 step program of recovery. Incidentally, it is also where I met the love of my life, my partner, who worked there at the time, is also in recovery, a photographer and who has been my rock in a storm.”

“I believe suppressed emotions and trauma along with our anxieties and unprocessed life experiences are the source of all that yields us. Creating allows a way of releasing these pressures, whilst allowing me to explore the hidden elements of myself.”

“Art, for me, is a never ending journey of discovery, hope and light. There is always something to explore when I paint. Painting allows me to find a place where worries cease. Where I find peace. Painting induces a trance, meditative type state, where I feel guided by a higher self and a higher power. Art has helped support my emotional intelligence. It has helped in discovering joy in self and never ceases to surprise in what it constantly brings to life. I know the piece of art I am working on is complete when I feel a sense of ecstasy within my soul.”

“My goal in life is to paint and create art work that I can share with others; in doing so creating my own happiness through offering happiness to another soul.”

Abby invites you to join her on this journey of exploration.

“Art washes from thSoul, the dust of everyday life”

Pablo Picasso

Telephone: 01244 530745

Email: artfromtheheart@abbybrowne.art