Art in Situ

On this page you will find Pictures of how my paintings would actually look in a home or office setting. I hope you find it useful.

If you would like to see how a particular artwork would look in your home please contact me with a picture of where you intend to display the artwork and I will be happy to provide an example.

You can also find a selection of client commissions here

painting of fairies and butterflies with reeds and flowers and bright blue sky in a lounge with grey sofa, table, chair and plant
semi abstract artwork of colourful flowers set in a lounge with a sofa, green cushions, flowing curtain and table with flowers on

artwork of semi abstract portrait of a woman with flowers and butterflies. Set in a room with a fireplace, blue sofas and coffee table

Artwork of sunflowers in a white room with white leather sofa, plants, grey throw and coffee table

artwork floral burst of blue and purple semi abstract art in a room with sofa, coffee table and potted plants

semi abstract portrait of a woman in purples and pinks with flowers

artwork on wall of fantasy scene with red headed female and ginger cat sleeping amongst flowers. Set on a wall in a bedroom with grey and white bed

Fantasy artwork of ginger cat asleep on a windowsill with the moon in the background in a dining room.

Artwork on wall in a office of Robert Nero as Scarface within an Amex card

young boy in a yellow raincoat at window of a car dealership looking at a dark blue BMW. There is a red drawn heart on the wall.

Squared abstract artwork in multi colours hanging on a wall in a room with a light blue sofa and dark blue cushions. There is a coffee table, chair and plant in the room

Telephone: 01244 530745

Email: artfromtheheart@abbybrowne.art

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