About Abby

Abby Browne creates sensual and spiritual artwork incorporating the connections between nature and personal imagery.

Abby endeavours to find strength, hope and beauty in the works she produces.

She blends the connection of colour, light and shade into modernistic imagery of the essence of living that is bound by the struggle of ego and consciousness.

The juxtaposition of the background and silhouette gives the viewer the feeling of being immersed into the human psyche.

Abby grew up within a very strict religious sect, one of domination and control through fear.

Her natural abilities through creative expression allowed Abby to escape the dogma of principals forced upon a young child.

On Abby’s disfellowship from her sect, and whilst studying art, she began to live a life of rebellion, slowly falling into the chasm of addiction which, she expressed through her art in a dark and sombre theme and despair searching for hope.

At the age of 40, Abby was diagnosed autistic, which she believes has gifted her with her ability to have close attention to detail and pattern and deep interest in art overall.

On finding recovery from addiction in 2021, Abby decided to follow her dream, a dream she had longed for since a child. To be an artist.

Abby’s longing and desire to create the light, colour and beauty she had found in recovery became a reality.

Abby’s eagerness to share her art with the world around her led to an exploration of styles and themes. Searching for meaning between her life and art and the interconnection between the two. Abby finally found her niche in modernistic expressionism.

Abby finds great pleasure in capturing aesthetic beauty through floral abstractism and portraiture,

she describes this beauty as ‘a beauty the eye has not yet seen’.

The human silhouette is her latest theme, filling the inner space with magical, enchanted floral images of butterflies and dragonfly’s and whatever else she feels will add to the allusion of magic.

She paints from her own emotions, spirituality and psyche and believes the world has been through enough darkness and pain and wishes to spread love, peace and freedom through her work.

She wishes her art collectors to have a piece of happiness in their home, a happiness that can bring positivity, love, joy and hope whilst providing an elegant yet striking touch to the environment.

Abby progressed through painting in black and white whilst in active addiction to then bring bright, vibrant colours into her work in recovery. Before recovery Abby felt a fear of colour, an inability to express herself in anything more than monochrome. She describes her life as now a life ‘in colour’

Her work continues to attract new audiences and now sells worldwide.

Buyers have more than tripled since beginning her art business in earnest in 2020 and her work has been shipped far and wide, to Australia, New York, Florida, Ireland, Scotland, Dubai and of course within the UK, where Abby has her own studio residing in Beautiful Flintshire, North Wales.

Abby hopes you will join her on her artistic journey and share the love and sense of hope that all humans hold deep within.

I paint a picture twice.

First with my brush.

Then with my heart.”

Abby Browne

This year I will be exhibiting quarterly at my own studio/gallery .

I have also exhibited at The Northwich Plaza as part of the

Northwich Art Trail. Inch Art in Altrincham, Cheshire Open

& The Drawing Board Wrexham.

My works are currently in The World of Interiors Magazine

and I have exhibited at the Royal Cheshire Show, Summer 2022.

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