Artist Statement

My art has developed and expanded over time

as I explore the possibilities of strokes, colour & light.

Darkness & pain had been my guide in my earlier years

attempting to share the pain I felt both on a personal level

but also, in what I observed in life.

I’ve painted since childhood.

A way of expressing what I feel about life. About me.

Waiting 40 years to discover I was autistic

finally understanding my passion to express myself.

Accepting how I see the world around me differs slightly.

As I create, I attempt to remove myself from my teachings.

Instead observing the subject matter in my mind.

Looking to be a subjective viewer, leaving expectations alone.

Clearing my mind to focus on the possibilities.

The what ifs?

I add layers and leave underlayers to bring the painting to life.

Looking to find something of real beauty, a beauty I struggle

to find on the material plane.

Something beautiful and powerful, that resonnates on a higher plane.

A connection between brush and my inner self.

A blank canvas is another world I am able to move into, to search

for what my heart desires.

To create my art brings life to these fantasies.

My art allows that search in a visible journey of my travels

through the exploration of creativity.

I feel this relates to the finding of self.

My life, much spent in addiction, left me frustrated

and too unwell to create.

Now, in recovery, I begin to find that self, my past life of darkness

in my artwork is instead replaced by a world of colour.

I now have the freedom to explore my old, yet new, world.

To absorb it’s rich tapestry of shades, colour and beauty.

My eyes opening into another dimension of experience

A new way of looking at what was there but unseen.

A realisation and connection with Gaia.

I look to create through a sense of celebration of life,

connecting and aligning with Mother Nature.

A spiritual connection and mutual understanding.

A guide, providing a palette of ideas and possibilities.

A landscape of depth without and within.

As a mother, as a woman of autistic understandings,

as an observer of life, good, bad & indifferent

I search for colour, for light, for life. I search for beauty,

a search that can entail considerable negative artistic risks.

The basis of my works is semi-abstract realism. The chaos of mind

when, alone stood before a blank canvas,

I need to express a deeper more complex background.

An understanding that from what, to the casual viewer,

may seem random strokes and splashes, can arise a more complex

& connected piece.

I look to imbue my paintings with a feeling of spiritual and beautiful


Removing yet holding, harmony.

Through my art I look to explore the interplay between chaos & order.

Only from chaos can come order for is not chaos the cornerstone

of order?

I base my work on emotional resonance. The reflection of now.

Emotional release plays a large part in my brush strokes and

colour choice.

Standing before the canvas not knowing how it will start or finish,

I follow my emotions, Gaia, my Higher Power.

I search within and without for guidance,

allowing connection and serenity to enter.

My art relies on an underlying spiritual connection

I feel a hand within my own hand

a belief to connect with a universal source

a guiding force, if you like, in creating.

A power within. A power without. Working as one.

For myself I look for art to display the quality of strokes

as opposed to the quantity.

Light, shade and tone interacting with realism and abstract.

A converging of each into one.

An opportunity to explore what is more.

People love a story, and we all have one to tell.

I attempt to provide my art with its own story.

I wish for the viewer to explore the works deeper

to see my story without

to decipher the story within

I believe art can never reach an end point.

A masterpiece is completed. Lay down the brushes.

Art, as in life, is a continuous journey of discovery.

To explore, grow and become more

is surely the goal of all artists, indeed all life.

This year I will be exhibiting at the International Moon Fair, Hamburg Germany.

I have also exhibited at The Northwich Plaza as part of the

Northwich Art Trail. Inch Art in Altrincham, Cheshire Open

& The Drawing Board Wrexham.

I have also exhibited at various artisan fairs.

My works are currently in The World of Interiors Magazine

and I will be exhibiting at the Royal Cheshire Show, Summer 2022.

Abby Browne

Telephone: 01244 530745