Artist Statement

I don’t wish to be defined. Defined by a particular style, a particular brush stroke, a particular genre, just as I don’t wish to be defined in life. I am the sum of many parts of me, and my exploration of styles and themes runs throughout my artwork. My mood reflects what I paint and what I try to convey.

My early work stemmed from my lack of understanding and fear of my autism, my disconnection from society and my fall into addiction, leading to my artwork portraying a sense of darkness, sadness and pain. My use of drips attempted to highlight my emotional struggles and unshed tears whilst aiming to add emotional life to my work that would reach out to the viewer.

Since coming into recovery and finding peace within my autistic interpretation and understanding of the world around me, my work has become colourful and vibrant with a freedom to explore light and beauty with the tones and shades of my palette. I look to bring joy, hope and a feeling of serenity to those who view my work. I also ask the viewer to look deeper, behind what they first see, for all beauty and light has flaw. There is a story within what is being observed as there is for all of us within life.

I look to grow, change, adapt and bring new approaches and new ideas into my artwork and I love having those who follow my work experience this with me.

Abby Browne

Telephone: 01244 530745