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A breath of air

I’ve been playing with various ideas for my next project. It has tended to be, as you may expect, to do with lockdown. The sense of the lack of human touch. Being drawn away from physical reality. Instead relying on technology for one of our most basic of needs. Touch!

At the same time, lockdown, with its sense of, at times, feeling caged and trapped within narrow parameters leads me to feel pulled towards ideas of escapism. A need to find a breathing space. To find a special, personal, place of peace and serenity. If even for only a little time.

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Passion of Summer

Today summer arrived in the truest sense of the word, A stifling, clammy, oppressive heat that left me and the children indoors for relief, myself of course working. However, this gave me an opportunity to begin my new piece based on yesterday’s blog post. The idea of passion, possession, want; tinged with an air of despair and deep sadness. This has lead to the following piece. ‘You’ll be Mine’

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Beautiful Day

Summer has truly arrived and it’s been a busy day. Most of it based around the usual humdrum tasks that all parents have to attend to. However, early this morning provided the opportunity to go out for my first bike ride in a very long time. Needless to say I’ll pay the price tomorrow!

Still, motoring around doing the usual chores of shopping, trips to the recycling center and such, as a passenger, allowed me the space, listening to a particular CD, to consider my next art project. The music stirred for me thoughts of passion, possessiveness, wanting and longing but a sadness within those needs. It will be interesting to see where these emotions take me and thus my art.

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It’s been a dream of mine for some time now to have my own website. And here it is! I finally have a chance to reach out to more people to share my art work. I hope I can bring contemplation, inspiration and joy through my paintings. I hope you will choose to follow my blog. To become a part of my extended family. To enjoy our journey of discovery. Here’s to life. Bring what it may!