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Original artwork in liquitex professional paints on hand crafted quality stretched canvas

12 x 40 inches

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Introducing ‘Grace’

I created this piece as I am fascinated with the space within the human silhouette. Creating a beautiful energy inside whilst connecting with my emotional psyche. I bring forth an image of a woman, walking, holding an energy, a graceful presence that captures the attention and mood. A beautiful soul.

We’ve all met those people who walk into a room and draw you in. Some people seem to have an aura which attracts our souls. The butterfly represents freedom and peace within an individual.  This butterfly, outside of the silhouette, is an interpretation of how a graceful soul can have a profound effect on us. The circular light, the aura, an aura we all possess and with which we can all light up a room.

To all the graceful people out there, this one is for you.