Behind the Eyes


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Original artwork in professional Windsor & Newton acrylic and Liquitex spray paints on a quality Windsor & Newton stretched canvas. Ready to hang.

24 x 32 inches

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The eyes are the window to the soul. I wanted to capture the inner mystery through the eyes that lies in the soul.
This painting reminds me of a black and white movie, maybe a romance. I have enjoyed exploring with the free brush strokes creating an abstract feel to the finer detail. I have used a honeycomb stencil to create the patterns in her face which worked out quite well. I have a fascination with drips as I feel it adds emotion , tears or rain and adds something else I can’t quite put my finger on. I learn something new in each painting that I like to capture in my next. Some of my paintings are a lot finer in detail than others , it depends on what I’m trying to express. I love portraiture. I feel there is nothing more fascinating than the human face, especially the eyes.