Life in Colour – SOLD


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Original artwork in professional Windsor & Newton acrylic and Liquitex spray paints on a quality Windsor & Newton stretched canvas. Ready to hang.

24 x 32 inches

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This painting is a celebration to those who have been through difficult times and are eventually seeing in colour once more. The beautiful female ,who overwhelmingly gazes up in awe and wonder, is painted in Paynes grey acrylic to contrast with all the bursts of colour from fluorescent pink to chrome pen on the out line of the rose and butterflies. As you view the painting at different angles the chrome pen gives a glass like affect. I’ve tried to add all the brightest colours I can to make this painting as colourful and alive!
I like to bring positivity through my paintings. I once was in a terrible dark place in addiction, now 3 years sober and seeing life in colour. And what a wonderful life it can be if you choose the right path! Let’s celebrate achieving the transition from dark to light!