Break my Fall


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Original artwork in professional Windsor & Newton acrylic and Liquitex spray paints on a quality Windsor & Newton stretched canvas. Ready to hang

27.5 x 39.5 inches

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Having been through many rock bottoms in addiction, my last fall was broken by the helpful hands of AA and help from my family.  finally I was able to stop drinking alcohol , which slowly but surely broke me into tiny pieces that I had to mend through recovery. It will be 3 years sober on February 2nd.
I hope this painting shows that there is a helping hand for anyone out there struggling, not just with addiction but anything that is holding us back from living our true lives to potential. I am living proof.
I have really enjoyed creating this piece. The angel represents a fall of innocence. We all experience problems that are new and sometimes have no choice but to fall into them, but we can break free with help.