Hope – Theme available for commissions. Please contact me


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Original artwork in liquitex professional paints on hand crafted quality stretched canvas

28 x 36inches

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen, a positive emotion we all have. I do believe if we want something so badly, we eventually get it, law of attraction. The sun is shining in this painting with birds flying in the sky, butterflies 🦋Peacefully fluttering by. Beautiful colourful flowers have been added to make this piece have a calming effect on the viewer. The colour purple is a soothing colour that I often use a lot in my work. I love working with the different shades. Never stop dreaming. Never stop having hope.🦋
I always hoped I’d stop drinking alcohol after many failed attempts. I wanted freedom to live. I wanted peace from the hell I was in. Although I had tried many times to stop, I always had that hope that one day I’d be free from the chains of addiction. I wanted to live like everyone else. Eventually after rehab and AA I was freed from that desire. I do believe something ‘higher’ than me was guiding me, I certainly did not do it myself. I created this piece from my heart. I wanted to show how deeply I hoped of living free.