Summer Kiss – theme available for commission. Please contact me


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Original acrylic artwork on quality professionally made to order stretched canvas. Painted in liquitex acrylics, spary paint and oil pastels.

25 x 25 inches

A continuation on the theme of floral semi abstract artwork incorporating the concept of Gaia, mother Earth. Abby has looked to create a feeling of warmth, growth and hope in a vibrant colourful and poerful piece. Abby has used the concept of summer and bees with the ralism aspect to explore the cycle of life. As the world blooms the bees interact with Gaia to continue this beautiful creation. Without them the colour, light and beauty we see before us will disappear offering only the memory of these colours of light and hope.

Abby’s artwork is now being shared widely and is extremely popular in the UK with sales now extending out to Europe and the USA. Her work continues to grow and is going from strength to strength with various exhibitions coming along in 2022.

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